The Multitech mDOT LoRa Test Board

A lot of us started developing for the Multitech mDOT module, but as developers would be aware this device uses 2 mm pitch headers that will not plug into bread board or even vero board. There was no simple test board with 2.54mm pitch headers therefore if you want to prototype for this device you need to buy their developer board which is quite large and also not cheap at just over $100 Australian.

Introducing the mDOT LoRa Test Board. IO pins are easily accessible on standard 2.54mm pitch headers than can be brought locally through outlets like Jaycar. A on-board very low quiescent current regulator allows many days of operation from a battery supply.

Schematic Attached.


Input voltage: 2.7V to 11.8V – Runs direct from Lithium Ion/Polymer cells.

Pololu S7V8F3

Uses the standard off the shelf FTDI TTL-232R-3V3 cable for firmware upgrades and custom programming.